Fanari Formaggi, written in stone.

One day many years ago, Giuseppe Fanari decided to leave his mark on a stone, entrusting the task of preserving its memory to time. The signature of Giuseppe, accompanied by the name of his father Antioco, is imprinted in a block of cement.

We like to imagine that Giuseppe, attracted by the not yet solid cement casting, had fun writing his own name; more for a game than for the desire to pass his own signature on to posterity. Today, after many years, that signature, created in elegant and refined calligraphy, has become the basis for the restyling of the Fanari Formaggi brand.

It is a way to reaffirm our relationship with the family, to tell our story and to project ourselves toward the future.

That cement that today is stone, memory and symbol, contains the heart and soul of the several generations that have always produced high quality Sardinian cheeses.

The pleasure of a choice of taste.