Environmental sustainability.

Respecting the environment means respecting oneself and one’s own history.

This concept is even more true for a company that receives everything for the creation of its products and for the achievement of its goals from nature.

For us, respect for the environment is both a starting point and a point of arrival.

A starting point because to produce quality cheeses it is necessary to operate in a healthy natural environment. A point of arrival because our work is exhausted and renewed every day.

This is why we have triggered a virtuous process capable of combining the concept of sustainability with that of productivity.

We are able to do this also thanks to the latest generation energy production plants that allow us to reduce the costs related to electricity consumption. In fact, photovoltaic panels are installed in our roofs, while in some areas adjacent to the company, thermodynamic plants have been built that are able to produce energy through heat and water.

In recent years we have become aware of the social usefulness of our work, which has shown itself capable of enhancing the excellence of the territory, encouraging the development of the local community and paving the way towards new markets, both national and international.

The values that have allowed this development are summarized in a few but important concepts: competence, planning, organization.

Today our roots are instead deeply inserted in the territory. Fidelity and respect for old cheese traditions are the basis of the excellence of our cheeses and our ricotta.

L'impianto fotovoltaico della Fanari Formaggi.

Fanari Formaggi today is a reality perfectly integrated into the Sardinian social and economic fabric, thanks in large part to the work of all our like-minded associates and business partners.

Thanks to the farmers who guarantee the excellence of goat’s and sheep’s milk every day. Thanks to nature, which makes available to us the elements needed to create high quality products.

The future holds ambitious challenges and the concept of sustainability will play an increasingly central role with respect to the objectives to be achieved. We know that this challenge will require a lot of work, new investment, improved energy efficiency, more security and staff training.

These goals can be achieved through the awareness that the protection of the environment must be a business value, that the objectives are clear and defined, that the principles underlying company choices are accepted and shared.

L'impianto termodinamico della Fanari Formaggi.


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