A family history.

In 1936, the Fanari family, under the guidance of their grandfather Antioco, began to practice with passion and mastery the transformation of milk into cheese. He taught his secrets to his son Giuseppe, who in turn passed them on to his children Rosetta, Antioco and Giovanni. They are still the ones who practice this magical profession, through the experimentation and improvement of dairy techniques handed down over the decades.

The Nuova Sarda Industria Casearia, located in the municipality of San Nicolò D’Arcidano in the province of Oristano, was created after they merged their business with that of an old cheese factory of Gonnosfanadiga, an important agricultural center of central and southern Sardinia.
The secret of the quality and taste of our cheeses lies precisely in the ancient knowledge that today is enhanced by new techniques and skills.

Only those who passionately love their land and their art, understand the qualities of sheep and goat’s milk, milked by breeders of the area, from animals free to graze in the fields and mountains, whose diet consists mainly of aromatic and pristine herbs of the Mediterranean.

The rennet is the true magical ingredient of the transformation, produced directly in our factory by the master cheese makers.
The ferment gives the cheese its aroma and taste, made by the expert hands of the cheesemaker.

The process of heating the milk is done at low temperatures in order to not destroy the perfumes. This gives thecheese the aromas and the flavors that nature has provided for us with so much generosity.

The processing of the curd takes place with the help of hand-woven rush baskets which give the characteristic appearance to the cheese. The rushes are collected in the ponds of the marshlands of the province of Oristano.

The Fanari family.




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